Afghan knitters?

I’m working on afghans from Debbie Abrahams [I]blankets and throws to knit[/I] I was wondering if anyone else was working on any of these and wanted to share tricks, tips, and pics.



I don’t have the mentioned pattern book but I am knitting an afghan.

Would love to join in, just to help me finish what is all ready a very late Christmas gift.

Mine isn’t hard to knit because of the pattern but because the colors are so dark.

He is 22 yrs old and wants everything black and dark navy blue.

I’ve got this afghan OTN. It’s a Christmas present for my sister so I might have it done by then if I stop finding more things to make. :knitting:

Oops…forgot to mention that I do not have that pattern book, Kim. It sounds interesting, though.

Hey folks. I’m not picky about the pattern - it’s just the book I’ve been using and wondered if others had it. Let’s work together. I’ve got 3 of the afghans started and none finished. You can see all the afghans at this link. I am working on the third one in the first row and the second and third ones in the second row.

Yummy! I see more than a couple that I would like to make. How big are the squares in this book, Kim?

It depends on the pattern, the squares in the baby blanket I’m doing are 4x4 but knit on size 2 needles, whereas the squares in the mosaic are about 6x6 knit on size 5 needles. That’s what I really like about the book, is that the projects are so different with tons of different techniques, colors, and styles. Debbie Abrahams also has another book out called [I]more blankets and throws[/I] I can’t find web pictures of that but I found it on Amazon today. I may have to make that purchase.

I found both books at my library. YAY! The bad news is, we had 9" of snow last night and I can’t get to work, much less the library. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow, I guess. :waah:

They were predicting lots of snow for my area, so far, the storms have skirted us (as per usual). We have had one snow day for the kiddies, and as we mostly get snow here in January and February with sometimes an odd storm the first weekend of March, we are about half through the winter. We have mostly had rain and dry weather though we had a lot of days where it never got above 15 as a high.

Yeah Knit! I hadn’t even thought of looking for patterns at my library but that’s a great idea. Sorry about the snow. Obviously in ATL we don’t get a lot of wintery stuff. But we did have about an inch a couple of weekends ago, very exciting for my little one.

So I just found a square that I hadn’t counted in my sampler. That means I’m on 1 and 1/2 away from having all the squares done!!! Talk about being excited and motivated.

am knitting a Log Cabin style(sort of) afghan of several colors of Homespun–i know it is a bit of a pain towork with–splitty and hard to weave ends sometimes–but it is soooo cushy! linknit41

Finished another square for my sampler. One more left and then I can put it together! My first big project!!!

Yeah - I’m in the process of sewing up my sampler afghan!!! This will be my first big finished project. I’m really excited. How are the rest of your projects coming?