Afghan help

I would like to make my husband something like this for his birthday.

Does anyone know of a pattern like this. I don’t think I need a pattern per say but I don’t know how much yarn I would need, what kind or how big to make the squares because I just figured I could make all the squares serpertaly and then join them together. ( it also has the added benefit that my husband won’t know what I am making if he see me working on it.)

I am planning on using the squares to practice some different kind of stitches.

Thank you for any guidance you may have.

Here’s one pattern that’s similar (Lion Brand site is free to join). I like the idea of knitting the squares in secret, in plain sight.

Do you have another link to the Lion pattern, the one you posted times out after a long time trying to open.

The Lion Brand site is very difficult to get into at the moment and once in, it’s very slow. The pattern link is

for pattern number 865.

Thanks, I did hear later than the Lion site is having a problem, worked fine yesterday so I dunno what’s going on with them.

eta - I found a link for it going through Joann’s site -