Afghan from hell is being put in the time-out chair

It looks great and everything but there are so many other things I want to be working on! I am afraid though if I put it aside that I will never finish the damn thing!

Regardless, it has to be put aside for now…I am starting my sweater class at LYS and I did NOT spend oodles of money on noro yarn to not work on that!!!

Plus I want to do clogs! And booga bags! and stuff that doesnt take fricking forever to finish!!!

I always feel that when I get to the point when I “have” to do something, I don’t want to anymore. Do what you want! Isn’t that the point of this whole thing? Relaxation, doing something enjoyable? You’ll get back to it when you’re ready–and without resentment. :smiley:

Ooooh, I wonder how clogs would be with Noro :thinking:

OK back on topic… yeah I agree with Ingrid. You’ll get to it someday.

Its not a horrible idea to set a goal of doing ____ number of rows in between smaller, funner projects! Knitting shouldn’t make you mad…BREATHE!!! Go to your happy place!! :mrgreen:

is funner a word? :wink: i always tell my son its not!

n-e-way i understand your pain kitkat. i’ve been working somewhat on my grandmother’s shawl forever and its well past her birthday. its just do boring and i want to finish my baby sling and start my booga bag before my baby turns 10! :mad:

I’d put it down and tell yourself its summer its hot the afghan is for cold months and pick it up again in the fall when its cooler to work with or by the time you do finish it you will hate the dreadful thing cause ya didn’t really want to do it. I’m working on my daughter one and even though its not hard to do and its turning out really pretty I’m sooo tired of seeing pink,purple, and white over and over and over and over and over… :smiley:

well at least you are see other colors. my shawl is all one color! :zzz:

:roflhard: true LOL but I’m not a pink gal so pinnnkkkkkk noooooooooooooooo

I undestand your pain, Kitkat, what with recently finishing an afghan as a family wedding gift and having another to do. You MUST put it aside from time to time to do something fun, as you said :wink:

Definitely set it aside in favor of smaller projects. It won’t seem so cumbersome once you’ve worked on something else.

I always have to be working on multiple things at once, lest I completely lose my motivation. There’s no rule that you can only work on one project at a time. :slight_smile:

if kitkat is like me she doesn’t want to put it down and do something fun BECAUSE… its so boring and wants to hurry up and getit over with… note to self… no more afgans!!! :wall:

Don’t feel bad! This afghan has been sitting in a basket for um… at least 3 years, STILL on the needles. It’s pretty boring, it’s a knit/purl checker board pattern. It will be great when it’s finished, it’s a very cozy yarn, and matches my carpet almost perfectly. I swear I’ll finish it one day.

Of course, by then, we’ll probably have recarpeted. LOL

that is nice. i have a yellow baby blanket like that… but that is much smaller than an afgan! :wink:

Only thing I can really say is work on it for about an hour a day, each day, or a half hour. That’s pretty much what I’m doing with my particular afghan, it’s got 35 squares, and it’s straight garter stitch, so I’ve made it my first priority to get it done.

Only problem with the “do a little bit each day” idea is that my time is limited between work and kid obligations :(…so for now I need to focus my time on my sweater class so that I can at least make the best of that! Maybe by the time I get back to it, I will whiz my way through the rest of it!!!

if your kids are into something you can sit and watch…TAKE IT WITH YOU!!!

Oh I do! Tomorrow #1 son and I are going to visit OSU and then go directly from there to a soccer tourney in Strongsville, OH. (think a big triangle)…I plan on taking several projects…I suspect I will have to drive down since we are leaving at 6 am, but he can do the drive to Strongsville!

i know i may sound stupid, but whats LYS and OSU?

LYS= local yarn store (you’ll see that repeatedly)

OSU=Ohio State University, I believe, since the other place she’s going is in Ohio (you won’t see that one on here as often)

Never stupid, just uninformed! :fingerwag: