Afghan Design Challenge

I’m trying to turn lots of gaudy varigated 70’s yarn into a beautiful, classy knitted afghan. (I love a challenge.) I need some opinions, please.

The yarn is very intense orange, brown, and cream and has a Southwest, native look to it in a vintage sort of way (at least that’s what I see). My question is, do I knit design into it, or use the same plain stitch all over? With all the color going on, I don’t know if you would be able to see cables, ribs, herringbone, etc. I have at least 25 skeins of this stuff, probably enough to make this thing cover my king size bed.

Here are a couple possibilities!

Those really do look quite nice! I’m not sure if they are made with varigated yarn or separate skeins of plain colors. The colors are much nicer than what I have to work with. Here are some examples of the type of yarn, if you could just imagine the colors in “prison uniform” orange (or maybe it’s “traffic barrel” orange), “dark brown suit”, and well, cream is cream.

I just don’t know if it’s worth doing all the work of the pattern stitches if the color is so crazy mixed up that maybe no one will notice. I might keep it under wraps, beneath a bedspread.

What about something like this?

you could add a plain cream and use that for a couple of the rings…

PioneerWoman do you have the pattern/yan used for this blanket? I think it’s beautiful and would like to make it. (I hope, I hope :pray: )

Letah, I wrote back to your private message. The color pattern is just the variagated yarn that you buy.

I’ve been knitting up a storm on my afghan. I really dislike making a bunch of squares or pieces and sewing them together, so the whole 6 X 7 foot blanket is going to be knit together, just like a scarf. I had to buy another section of line for my modular circular needle, so it’s now 54 inches long. I have 4 skeins of plain dark brown, so I figured just by common sense that it will go for the border. That amount of yarn made a 2 inch border. Then, I planned a couble of cable designs from Barbara Walker’s third book. “Tangled Ropes” went up the center, with the squiggley part of “Double Wave” on either edge. In between the cable designs, a few ribs and panels of herringbone. I had about six inches of it knit.

Then mom came to visit for Christmas.

She didn’t like the wild color pattern along with the visual design of the stitch. (I was afraid it would be gaudy on gaudy). I ripped it all out except for the brown border and have it about 3 inches re-knit in just plain stockinette stitch. If it wants to curl up too much after I get a few more inches, I’ll probably knit a couple of rows of garter stitch occasionally to help it lay flat. Sometimes simple is best.