Afghan border

I am making a crocheted afghan for my Texas daughter. She didn’t need a sweater.:teehee:
Anyway, the pattern is done in alternating sections. One section is large granny squares with puff stitches, and the other one is smaller puff stitches with chains.
All is done using 2 strands of worsted weight yarn, I’ im using Encore. The pattern has fringe on the ends that she doesn’t want so thought I’d do a simple border to give it a more finished look, but not sure if I need to do it with double strands of yarn or can I make it look good using one strand? I’m not sure I’ll have enough yarn to go all the way around if I use 2.
Any ideas?

You could probably do a simple border with the single strand of yarn, say, a single crochet all around. It would even off the edges for a more finished look. A deeper border would look better with the two strands though. Try the single strand and see if you like the look. If not, it may be worth trying to find another ball or two of Encore.

Several of us replied to this same thread in the Whatcha Knittin’ section. So you might want to look at it.

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