Afghan book w/ missing pages...suggestions?

One of my mother’s day gifts was a gift certificate to a local bookstore. I wanted an afghan pattern book and found one by house of white birches press called Easy Afghans for Knitters. I got it home and found that three (that I’ve noticed so far) of the baby afghan patterns in the book (one of which was one of my favorite patterns) are missing…there seems to have been a printing problem…there are two colored blocks on each page but no text. One of the patterns is completely missing…the other two are missing one page of the pattern. I’ve emailed the manufacturer but it was yesterday so I don’t expect to hear from them until tomorrow or Tuesday…Does anyone have this book and if so, is your book also “less than perfect?” It was the only copy at the bookstore or I’d go back and exchange it for another…I’m being very careful with the book and I still have the receipt in case the company doesn’t offer to give me the patterns or a new book for free…What do you think is reasonable…should the replace the book if my copy is one of a run that is damaged or should I just ask for a copy of those patterns?

I’m sorry you are missing pages. Have you done a google search for “House or white birches”? I order books from them often. maybe you can get in touch with them via their website about the book.

I once owned an independent bookstore. No bookseller will be offended if you return a misprinted book. There was probably a mistake with the entire run. If it was a new book, just take it back, explain the issue and they can reorder the book for you. The publisher has probably made another corrected run of the book by now.

You may have to take a gift certificate or store credit while waiting for the book to arrive, but my distributor would get the books to me within 3 days of placing an order. Given, I would only place an order once a week, but the turn around was amazing!

Good luck and so sorry you were missing the patterns. I know it is frustrating!

Thanks guys–I did email the company and I’m waiting for them to reply–they may suggest that I take it back to the bookstore and if so, I don’t mind waiting on another copy.