Afghan blocking?

Do I need to blOck???
The afghan is made from Wool Ease Big $ Thick 80%acrylic 20% wool. Do I need to block with thisyarn combo and if so, do I steam, spray or wet and let dry? It is quite large and took a long time to knit up so I want to do it right! Thanks

You wouldn’t need to block it as it’s mostly acrylic. If you want the stitches to even out, wash it gently and dry on low heat or lay flat to dry.

Thanks, but when you say wash it gently, would that mean just rinse it ana lay it out?

Yes, that would work. If it’s been laying around for a while and/or the dog or cat sat on it a lot, you might want to actually wash it.

lol, how did you happen to know my dog and cat liked to sit on it? I guess I really should wash it before I give it as a gift,

Cause my cats like to sit on my knitting. Yeah, if it’s a gift, wash it.

I use 2 spray bottles for blocking afghans. Lay it out and pin to correct or desired size and shape. Then spritz it with plain water until it is damp and leave alone until completely dry. It helps to have a spare room you can close off to keep the kitties from coming in to knead it or check it otherwise! The other spray bottle has Fabreze in it for a light, overall mist to eliminate any odors. If I have been munching or feel like it needs to be cleaned and/or if it’s a gift, it gets drycleaned professionally.

It’s really not a good idea to dry clean an afghan, the chemicals will weaken the fiber.

??? Please elaborate, I’ve been drycleaning my Pendleton Wool coat every fall for the past 10 years. Mary

That’s what I’ve read, sorry I don’t have any links to back it up. But you can google for drycleaning process and see what you come up with. It’s not so hard to wash a wool afghan without felting. Put it into warm water in the machine and whatever you use for a cleaner. Let sit in it for a few minutes or you may wish to use your hands to swish it around gently, then rinse with no agitation and spin, lay out to dry. It’s the agitation that felts wools, not washing it.

The only time I consider blocking an afghan is when the edges want to curl under. Then I will pin, cover with a damp tea-towel, and use the steam-iron to block just around the edges.

The rest of the afghan will, in time with use, settle into its own sort of “blocking”. That shows it is used and loved.

May all our knitting works be used and loved! That’s why I give so many of my knitting projects away.