Afghan Block KAL-Month 9 Illusion Knitting starts Pg 30

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our year long Afghan Block KAL. We will be introducing
a new technique/pattern for each month starting with the basics and
gradually moving on to more advanced techniques. Hopefully by the
end of the year we will have all learned some new knitting techniques
and have enough squares to make an afghan which can be used in
an afghan block swap!

If you plan to participate in the swap, each block should be knit in
a 12 inch square and incorporate a garter stitch border to lessen curling
and make sewing up easier. If you are going to keep your blocks
for yourself then by all means make then any size you wish!!
Any yarn is acceptable and maybe some of us will find this a nice
stash busting project!

Not sure how many stitches to cast on to get your square? Well,
let’s go over the basics of making a gauge swatch and using that info
to get us all started! :slight_smile: Here is an article on Knitty all about making
gauge swatches. You will basically begin by taking the yarn and
needles you want to use and casting on 25-30 stitches. Then knit
your swatch until it measure about 5 inches. If you are doing your
block in garter stitch (knit ever row), knit your swatch in garter
stitch. If you are doing your block in stockinette stitch (alternating
knit row and purl row), your swatch should also be in stockinette.
Ok, now you will lay your swatch flat and lay a ruler over the
stitches in the middle. Edge stitches tend to be a bit loose or tight
so the most accurate measurement comes in the middle. Now count
how many stitches you get across 4 inches. This should give you
an average stitch count. Now what?

Let’s say your swatch says you knit 18 sts in 4 inches. Now divide
your sitch count by your inch measurement to get your stitch per
inch number. In this example, 18/4 = 4.5 so we get 4.5 stitches
per inch of knitting. Now to determine how many stitches to
cast on for your square multiply your stitch per inch (spi) by
how many inches you want your square to be. I want a 12 inch
square so I will do 4.5 * 12 = 54. So with my gauge to make a 12
inch square I need to cast on 54 stitches. You can now either just
get started knitting and measure as you go or do the same
calculations for your row gauge to determine how many rows to knit.

Did that make any sense? Ask questions if not and I’m sure someone
else can explain it better! :slight_smile:

[SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Red”]Block One-The basic block[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“4”]Block Two - Entrelac [/SIZE][/COLOR] starts on Page 9
[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“4”]Block Three - Knit/Purl Combo of your choice[/SIZE][/COLOR] starts Page 15
[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“4”]Block Four - Lace[/SIZE][/COLOR] starts page 20
[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“4”]Block Five - Mosaic[/SIZE][/COLOR] starts page 24
[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“4”]Block Six - Cables[/SIZE][/COLOR] starts page 26
[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“4”]Block Seven - Fair Isle/Stranding[/SIZE][/COLOR] starts page 29
[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“4”]Block Eight - TAke your pick![/SIZE][/COLOR] starts page 30
[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“4”]Block Nine - Illusion or Shadow Knitting[/SIZE][/COLOR] starts page 30

Ok, so this first month’s block will be just a basic block. Garter stitch
or stockinette stitch to get us all started off! If you can’t face just
knitting a plain square you might consider doing a mitered square block. Looks impressive but is incredibly easy done in garter stitch with paired decreases.

Now let’s have fun!

I’m in! I need to check what yarn i want to use thru all the blocks. Then i’ll be ready to start. Since this is an “easy” block we should have plenty of time.
thank you for starting this KAL!:thumbsup::muah:

I’m in, have been waiting patiently for the 1st of Feb. could you give some basic instruction of the mitered square block or post a link. sounds interesting.

i think this one could help.

Oh the mitered square is easy! After you know how many sts to cast
on for the size of block you want, for a mitered square you will cast
on double that. So in the example above it was 54 sts for a 12" square so to make a mitered square I would cast on 108. Then, what I find easiest when doing them, place a marker at the halfway
Row 1: Knit all the way across.
Row 2: Knit to two sts before marker, ssk, slip marker, knit 2 together, knit remaining sts.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until there are 4 stitches left and you are
ready to do another decrease row (row 2). SSK, k2tog-2 stitches
left. Next row K2tog and finish off (pull yarn tail through remaining
stitch to finish).

When you start the cast on edge is flat like _, after knitting for a bit and doing the decreases the cast on edge will start to look like
this _
and when you are done the cast on edge will be like this

Google Mitered squares in knitting or domino knitting and you
will find tons of info on it!

This is a great square to get practice using the left leaning ssk and
right leaning k2tog decreases :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info, so even though this is a simple block I will still learn a thing or two. Brilliant

Wooohooooo!!! I’m in!!

I’m sorry if I missed this, but when does the actual swap part take place? At the end of the entire year, or are we swapping at the end of every month once the squares are done?

I’m just wondering if I’m gonna get to see the progression of the afghan month by month and seam them together as they come, or if I’m gonna have to wait till the end of the year to get all my final pieces.

Oooooh this is gonna be fun!

I’m in…joined yesterday, found your KAL today — life is good!


I got the idea that it is going to be at the end of the year if people wanted to do a swap. so I was thinking I would make two of each block, one practice one for me and one for a swap.

:woohoo: Yay! And so it begins :slight_smile:

a.shin.grace - I think that we swap at the end of the year. If I’m wrong guys let me know.

I’m in.

I have a question though…

What happens if you start a block technique that someone isn’t ready for or hasn’t the tools for? Is it okay to work another block instead?

I don’t do well learning too much at once, and although learning 1 new technique a month may not seem like much it can be the point of putting me over the edge, which takes the fun out of knitting.

Yay I’m in

Hi everybody! To answer a few questions: I sort of had in my mind
to do the swap at the end of the year so it is just one swap that needs
to be organized but that is just what I was thinking…it is open for
suggestions. I am probably going to do like Karina and knit more than
one block each month so I can keep one and swap one!

Sunny_Singer, there is no pressure for anyone to do anything they
don’t feel up for. Any blocks are welcome to the swap, it was just
suggested that we use the KAL as a way for people to learn some
new techniques with support! :slight_smile:

Oh just as a reminder to everyone if you plan to participate in the swap you might want to make a few blocks that are friendly for our wool allergic pals. :wink:

Libbie :slight_smile:

Thanks gargoylelib.

I learn a lot slower per new technique, etc, than the average person overall. I always have, not just knitting but anything new.

On the positive side, once I learn something, I learn it for life LOL.

I am guessing at my current rate, it is going to take me about 18 months to figure out dpns and I started that project in November.

I’m in… I have some lovely peachy DK I can use up for this. I’m also in for the end of year swap too.

Me to xx

Good Afternoon! Well, I finish one block using yarn a friend send the last swap and i love it. Now i’m surfing the internet to get some more. I use a skein for a 12 inch block. This blosk is a regular one, plain stockinette with a border as gargoylelib suggested.
Wait! Pauline you joined!! :woot:Is there an online place where i can get that merino dk debbie bliss you send me??? I just love that stuff!!! :drool: Any suggestions? I’ve found only a place in the USA.
I’m off now, have a nice knitting day! Will post pictures in a couple of days. (I’m thinking on sewing something on top of the block…)

Wow, Sig! You were fast in getting a block done :slight_smile: I haven’t
even started yet…trying to finish up dd’s StarskyJr and a
Branching Out scarf that has to be done ASAP. Guess I better
not wait too long though or the month will be gone before I
know it! :slight_smile:


Good morning!
It wasn’t really that fast, it is just that I’ve been at home sick for 4 days, and you know, knitting always helps! :mrgreen: Also, i manage to knit and read! :thumbsup:

How do you do this in two colors? The pattern doesn’t mention it. Are you carring yarn? Hmm.
I might just do it with a variegated yarn. :knitting: