Afghan/Blanket/Throw in Chunky Wool

Ok, so I bought Fifteen 50g balls of chunky wool not too long ago. I intended to make a blanket with it when I bought it, but it’s STILL sitting in the bag I brought it home in, untouched. I’ve looked at pattern central, in 10 different knitting books, and online for free patterns but I just can’t find anything.

I was hoping for a pattern that uses chunky wool that isn’t too plain. I was hoping to do something “textured” – if that makes sense. If anybody knows of a good website with free patterns that are similar, I’d be very grateful. TIA!

Did you check They have quite a few using heavier weights.

ETA: Bernat has some very attractive, textured, chunky afghans:


I didn’t even think to check Lion Brand. smacks forehead Silly me! Thanks for that site, too. :slight_smile: I’m going to have a browse now.

Will the wool felt? You need to perhaps consider that against the pattern you choose etc.