Afgan Pattern

Hi everyone! I have the itch to start an afgan. I have been looking at allot of the new patterns out there and there seems to be many with multiple strands of yarns on rather large needles.(15mm) Has anyone made one of these? If so please let me know how you made out.They look like they would knit up fast and be really cozy. Any patterns?
Sandi in Calgary:knitting:

The Lion brand website has several multistranded afghans for needle sizes 19 and up.

HI there! I made an afghan on those lion brand speed stix (size 50). It was done in an evening and it did come out nice, but very small, about lap blanket size - I’m biased though as I like ginormous afghans! HTH

Thanks for the info. Could you just keep going and make it bigger? Which pattern did you use?

Yes, you can CO more sts and knit it longer.

a search of Lionbrand showed several using speed stix

I’ve done the ‘Odd Ball Afghan’ here similarly. Its easy.
Could use any number of strands and suitable size needles.

I actually am about to start one of these afghans as a gift. If the first one turns out well I may make a few for Christmas. The only patterns I could find were on the lion brand website, but you mentioned you found several?
Also, here’s a link about speed stix that I found rather helpful:

i like that odd ball one im gonna make a baby blanket now thank you.

Thanks everyone! I finally broke down and went to Michael’s and bought a pattern book and yarn. Working on it now off and on. Will post a pic when I get it done…


I need to find one to make for my dad! HELP! He lives in the country and is rough on stuff and has 4 dogs!

The one i’m making is pretty basic, but soft and beautifull. It has three strands knit together. So it’s nice and thick. It’s a Paton’s pattern. I think you could sub. all kinds of different wools though. I can send you the pattern if you want?

Sounds great! Thanks!