Afgan Pattern for sick Grandma

I need an afgan pattern that knits up relatively quickly. My Grandma was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and would like an afgan to bring with her to chemo and radiation and that would be nice to cuddle up with on the couch (she is gets really cold). Right now I am thinking about an Embossed Diamonds pattern, but I am not 100% sure.
Any ideas?

Oh, I’m sorry about your grandma being sick. :frowning:

Without knowing what yarn you are using or what to use it’s kind of hard to make suggestions. That sounds like a pretty pattern though. I would imagine you would need to do a quick pattern so if it’s fast then go for it.

I will be praying for your Grandma that she will beat this disease.

I need to use something washable, so I will most likely use cotton. Does that help? Do you all have any patterns that you like that are quick?

A soft cotton would be good. Some, like the dishcloth cottons, aren’t super soft. Cancer treatments make skin extra sensitive. Bernat Cottontots is a nice one for instance.

I haven’t actually made an afghan. They are so large they can be overwhelming, but a lapghan is much more doable and probably kind of what your grandma needs. Anyway here’s a few patterns that look fairly easy and are nice. You can choose your own colors and design of them.

You are right. I think a lapghan is exactly what she needs. Thanks for the help!

Here’s a couple from Lionbrand - I haven’t made them but have them in mind for when I need a quick knit afghan: