Affordable yarn

Some may think that this is a bit on the bizarre side but when you live on a fixed income (like me), your “stash money” needs to stretch as far as possible.
I go to different resale shops (mainly Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries) and buy sweaters in all sizes, regardless of gender. They get a real good washing and then I unravel them and use the yarn for the charity projects that I work on. Once in awhile, I get lucky and find a sweater that is wool or a good wool blend. :woohoo:
So, in essence, I’m donating twice and nobody can tell that the yarn has been recycled. YAY!! :happydance:

Not bizarre at all! Smart Cookie! :yay: :cheering:

I’ve not had much luck reclaiming yarn but love to find old, wool sweaters to felt and make into bags. Our thrift stores, (we have several) have discarded and homeless yarns, books, patterns and tools sometimes, too! :woot: :woot:

One man’s trash is another’s treasure!

Thanks! I’ve not had much luck finding books, patterns, etc. around here. I’m thinking that the knitters in my area would rather poke themselves in the eye with a #10 needle than part with their “stuff”. LOL!

KnitTwit, that’s not bizarre at all. It’s WONDERFUL! :cheering:

KnitTwit, I’m glad you can do that. :heart: It must take a little patience to take the seams out and unravel the old sweaters.

I love it when people give me yarn.

Thanks, Salos. It does take patience to rip out the seams but my trusty seam ripper does a darn good job on most of the sweaters.