Affordable Untreated/Undyed Yarn in Europe?

There has been one thing I have been wishing all the time since I first learned to knit: to knit with all natural wool without any additional chemicals. The strange thing is that even though it should be cheaper to make all natural undyed yarn comparing to dyed yarn, they are more expensive.

Do you know about any European store selling affordable undyed wool yarn? I prefer Aran weight but Worsted is also OK. It has to be from Europe as because of Corona shipment from other places than Europe is not possible or really slow at best.

Not sure these are the weights you want.

These are eco yarns which aren’t all undyed but at least aren’t treated with harsh chemicals.


I just ordered some yarn called Домашна вълна from Bulgaria. It is going to be interesting to see if it is good. I ordered 1.2kg and including shipping it was about 22-23€.

@engblom, how did your Bulgarian wool turn out? I like undyed wool too.

To say it honestly, I got disappointed because the brown one is in fact dyed. Apparently “natural brown” does not mean it is undyed. When washing I got a lot of brown dye in the washing water.

Ah, that’s a shame! I hope it is nice to knit with anyway.

I have wondered whether undyed wool is more expensive these days because blending it is harder. With wool that is going to be dyed, I guess they just dye it all to one colour. But undyed wool would have to be blended carefully to get a consistent batch.

West Yorkshire Spinners seems to have nice undyed colours, but they are somewhat pricey. Same for Blacker. (Not sure if you are including UK in Europe shopping choices!)

I read that some of the “undyed” colours in Shetland wool (can’t remember if it was Jamieson’s or Smith & Jamieson’s) are not made of 100% undyed fleece, but a blend.