Aero Knitting Needle Set

Hey folks, I got this as a gift a long time ago and I haven’t used it since. I like to use shorter needles. It’s great for people who knit larger projects like sweaters and blankets (etcetera) It is worth $52, but I’ll sell it for $40 or best offer. It’s perfect holiday gift for the new or experienced knitter in your life. Or treat yourself!

This set of needles consists of a case with a Velcro fastener, and the following needles:

13 pairs of needles, 35 cm (about 13.5 inches ) long:

2.25mm (US 1), 2.75mm (US 2), 3mm (No US equivalent), 3.25mm (US 3), 3.75mm (US 5), 4.0mm (US 6), 4.5mm (US 7), 5.0mm (US 8), 5.5mm (US 9), 6.0mm (US 10), 6.5mm (US 10½), 7.0mm (No US equivalent), 7.5mm (No US equivalent).

Sizes to 5mm (US8) are metal, larger sizes plastic.

2 Cable needles, one straight 2.25mm (US 1), one “moustache” 2.25mm (US 1), 1 stitch holder. Missing: one straight 4mm (US 6).


Do you think that yarn stores might be interested in purchasing this?


snowbear was looking for these a while back. You might want to PM her.

Hi Sasha,

I’m new to the KnittingHelp forum, and I realize this post is quite old, however, I was wondering if you still have the set available for sale?