AERO Knitting needle gift set, US sizes 0-11

Hello folks, I’m looking to sell my Knitting needle set. I got it as a gift a few years ago, and I barely ever use it because I don’t like long straight needles. I want to invest in something I might actually use. Before I went to ebay, I thought someone here might be interested. The set is almost in pristine condition, the only thing I can’t find is a stitch holder and 1 small straight (cable) needle. I feel bad, I’ve had the set for years and have barely opened it half a dozen times. (pics below)

It is called an AERO Knitting Needle Gift Set in Leatherette case with Velcro closure.

It has:
*contains sizes from size 2.25mm (approx US 0) to 7.5 mm (approx US 11)
*The needles in this kit are 14 inches in length
*1 small straight and 1 shaped cable needle
*Leatherette Case
*Velcro closure
*Sizes 2.25 to 6mm are metal - 6.5 to 7.5mm hard plastic to reduce weight for larger sizes. (the plastic needles look identical… it’s difficult to distinguish them from the metal)
*13 pairs Sizes in this set

I think the set is work 35-40 (depending on where you buy it), I would be happy to ship it to you for $40.

Hi, I just saw your post, but I guess you already sold your Aero needle set. If not, I´m very interested, please let me know if they are still available !

Mercedes Evans

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I am very interested in buying your aero knitting needles. Please call me at — My name is Pearl Grabb.

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