Advice please

I’m making a small lovie/blankie for my 9-month-old grandson. Can’t decide whether to use Chunky (10-1/2 needle) or worsted (8 or 9 needle) because I want it to be really soft and easy for him to carry around. I originally thought Chunky, but it’s kind of “rough” looking if that makes sense.
Also what size would you make? I have a pattern that’s a modified basketweave and is about 20-21" wide and about 24" long. Just want it for him to drag around and snuggle up with when he sleeps, so I don’t want it to be blanket size. Opinions please.

The 20x24 or a 24x24 sounds like a good size. Chunky yarn will be softer if you knit it on size 11s or 13s, but worsted will be softer too if you use size 10s.

Will chunky or worsted look better for a little boy? For some reason the chunky doesn’t show as much pretty stitch definition, but the chunky sure is quicker. But I like the look of the small stitches. So for a boy, bulky or pretty? Yes, I know I’m making way too big a deal out of this. Somebody just tell me what to do so I have no decisions to make. I’m a newly laid-off teacher and my brain numb–can’t even decide what to eat for breakfast.:verysad:

I don’t think I’ve ever used anything heavier than worsted for a baby blanket. One hint my mom has used is to choose a pattern that doesn’t have too many holes a baby can get his/her fingers tangled up in. Washable is important.

I’d say choose a worsted weight yarn in a boy-color (like a denim blue). That makes it pretty for you to work, and still something a little boy might be willing to carry around.

I would use worsted weight too - the needle size would depend on the pattern and how tight or loose you knit. You’ll just have to play around with the yarn and different needles to find out how to get the look and feel you want.