Advice please!

I began this ‘skinny scarf’ yesterday, but it looks to me that I may have increased it too quickly (losing count cuz of interruptions in the car, bank etc…hehe).

Does it look to you like the picture? I admit, my yarn is more fluffy, which may be distorting my view of it. (pattern creator is

So I ripped it back just now, but wonder if I should restart the entire thing? begins with 3 stitches, then increase one stitch, knit 9 more rows, increase again, knit 9 more rows…until 20 stitches on needle.

ok, I frogged back to here but still not sure:

oh nevermind - I frogged it completely and restarted. It’s looking better now; will show when it’s done, should be soon.
I will knit until 20 stitches on needle, then dec every 10th row, until 3 stitches again. Goes fast!

I frogged it completely, restarted, and it’s now done. I love it! (hope the recipient does too).

It looks blue in the above pic, cuz I used flash…but it’s actually black and white, looking an overall grey as in first pic. I will make more of these! knitted up real fast. If you put it on back to front (widest part around throat) it feels really cozy, and just enough hangs down.

Very nice

I love the taper! I think it makes a unique change to the standard square scarf.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DimGray]Personally, I think yours looks better than the picture. :thumbsup:

Tell me, what was it like working with that fuzzy yarn?
I’ve had some in my stash for a few years now [B][SIZE=1](that I bought @ 75% off[/SIZE][/B]) and can’t imagine what it would “feel like” knitting it.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Thank you, Cacoon and Lara. I tried it on when I had a sore throat, and I swear it felt very healing…very cozy on a cool rainy day here. It will be nice for winter days.
The yarn is Red Heart’s “Foxy”. Cost me $7.45 plus tax and I used the entire ball. I also have some in magenta, will do that the same.

It’s looking just fine to me!