You are lucky to have a husband who wants to participate in something important to you. Mine thinks its a waste of time to knit something you can go buy in a store for a lot less. Having said that I am still knitting off a stash he acquired for me by trading labor for yarn. The stash is getting small after knitting from it for almost 30 years. He thinks I should just dissassemble some of my sweaters and knit something new instead of buying more yarn.

How nice of him to give you permission… no really good point scout about the shelves! I would have told him if he used the good stuff he would be buying me some more and shown him the price compared to something a bit more reasonable. You are very lucky to have him!

Hooray! Glad it all worked out.

I’m glad you solved it in such a wonderful way! My hubby doesn’t want to learn to knit, because he says that his hobby is plenty for him. He collects diecast models and makes them better. But, since i know how much effort goes into each model and the price of it and he knows the price of yarn (which is mostly ordered from abroad - the ones here are no good :noway: ) and the effort of knitting, we always try to save each others stuff and keep it safe. Maybe you should introduce him to KH, like BostonBecca did? He can show off his FO’s here too:thumbsup:

Planetgoddess- I am shocked to find that anyone would thinking knitting is a waste of time even if it is cheaper to buy the item in a store :?? I hope that in the future he sees knitting as an art…my husband is starting to see it that way :woohoo:: I would cry if I had to unravel my completed knitted items:waah: Hopefully, you can purchase more yarn :knitting: However, if it came down to ripping out my FOs or stop knitting, I would have to rip it out. Good luck to you and please keep me posted. :knitting:

KnittingNat- I am delighted that my husband is seeing knitting as an art
now :heart: He already is mesmerized by it and I am sure we are going to love going to our LYS for circular needles and (hopefully) yarn this weekend :woot: I think, in time, he will become as addicted to it as I am. We both look forward to when we figure out how to post our FO’s on this site :knitting: cloud9:

I’ve got one of those hubbys that I would not even dream of teaching to knit - he simply hasn’t got the patience. He, too, is the kind of guy who cusses and mutters and tosses things around with every home project. That’s always funny to me, in a certain way, because he’s a MECHANIC, so you would think he’d be a bit more controlled when using tools. But, sadly, no. :slight_smile:
Anyway, he’s been really sweet about the knitting thing - I’m new at this but have crocheted for years, but never for him, as crochet always seemed way too feminine to make guy stuff. My very first knit project was a scarfette of sorts for him, with the two ends seamed together so that he can tuck it into his shirt at work and not worry about ends flying around and tangling in engines and stuff. He wore it proudly to work last week and showed it off to his co-workers. LOL! Finished the matching watch cap last week, too, which he really seems to love. My holiday gifts from him and sons included a couple of knitting books I’d requested, which was so cool, and the first question he asks after we leave one of our weekend shopping stops is, “do you need to go to Hobby Lobby?”, followed by, “well, if you want to go up to Nashville to the yarn store, I’ll drive…” :heart:
I figure any all-guy hubby like mine who volunteers to go to the yarn shop is a keeper, don’t you? :thumbsup:

And with the options, you would both have plenty of needles to choose from. It’s worth it in the long run.

I don’t take hubby seriously. I told him what I posted and he said, but I never see you wear your sweaters. I said I’ve been wearing sweaters all winter. Oh I thought you bought those.:gah:
Actually I do have a couple of sweaters to frog that didn’t turn out as I hoped and are not flattering. I have a habit of trying to take a bit from one pattern and some from another pattern and then go with a totally different yarn than called for. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. This site and all the wonderful people are helping to figure out matching yarn to shaping.

I’ve loved reading this thread! Jenny, I’m glad to hear everything worked out-and just think what fun your going to have SHOPPING with DH at the yarn store :thumbsup: Hey, maybe you should get one set of Options & one set of their Harmonies!! After all, you never know when you’re both going to need the same size needles :teehee: HE might go for it, ya never know! :mrgreen:

marlajap, I’m so jealous!! My DH would probably rather have a root canal than take me to the yarn store!! LOL. OTOH, he doesn’t mind letting me go for hours :heart:

jenny- i know you were anxious (and i am glad it all worked out :thumbsup: ) when you first posted…
but i have to admit, it made me laugh! I would have just given DH a skein of inexpensive yarn to start with, then not care what he did to it. I wish my DH would learn to knit, i think it would really relax him. As it is though, he is really supportive, and doesn’t say too much about how much i’ve spent over the last year, since i started knitting lol. This is why i am determined to knit from my stash this year. i only have two projects i plan on using as rewards (i’ll need to buy yarn for them) and one of them is a sweater for him :slight_smile: