Advice please! Chart help or other ideas?

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I’m sure I’m insane for wanting to do this, but I want to make a Doctor Who vest. But the pattern apprently doesn’t exist. I did find a good photo of the pattern (here it is) and foudn a vest pattern that could be used (here)
so what do the experts here say? Would a chart fo the zig-zags and question marks be my best bet? Can I get help making a chart? hehe
Thanks! [/COLOR]

A chart would be your best bet. Just print up some knitter’s graph paper. I lost all my bookmarks, but if you Google knitter’s graph paper, you can find printable paper in different gauges.

Then just draw your zigzags and ?? on it.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Thanks, I did find a chart generator that worked, and now I bring my photoshop-fu skills into play to make it look good. Thanks :)[/COLOR]

Photoshop-fu :roflhard: