Advice on yarn please

Hi there!

I’ve finally found something that isn’t a scarf which I am feeling brave enough to knit, my problem is the yarn it’s asking for.

This book uses all american stuff (I am in the UK). It’s asking to use Brown Sheep Company Lamb’s Pride Bulky (85%wool/15% mohair; 4oz/125yds). That is copied exactly from the book because I’m not sure what’s important and what’s not.

It is for knitting a hat which is going to be k2p2 rib. the gauge the pattern has is 14 sts an 18 rows = 4"

It’s all crazy jargon to me LoL

Could any suggest a yarn I can use instead of this that I can get in the UK please? Or if this is available in the UK where can I find it? I’ve looked online but it’s just American stores that seem to have it.

Thank you in advance!

I went to the Brown Sheep Company site to see if they sell the Lamb’s Pride brand in the UK. They do:

At a store called “Get Knitted” in Bristol.

Hope that helps.

You can substitute any yarn of the same weight.

Agreed, any bulky yarn would probably be fine! It doesn’t even necessarily have to be the same fiber blend.

If you live near a yarn shop go there with the information that you printed here and they will help you. otherwise look at the gauge (14st 18 rows 4inch) look at the ball of yarn and get one that matches as close as possible. what is the item in question, sometimes gauge is not as important as if you were making a sweater for example

Check out Search for same weight or characteristics you want. Hopefully it’ll provide options for you.


Wow so if i can just use any bulky yarn? that;s cool, I mean it’s not an important project, i’m just making my first hat, so if it doesn’t come out perfect i’m not going to be dissapointed, it’s just something to try that is if different!.
Thanks all!

actually, is there a difference between chunky and bulky yarn?

You can use any yarn that gives you the same gauge with the same needles. As for how much yarn you need for your project, try to get the yarn in meters/yards as opposed to weight. With a hat you won’t need much, but if you get a pattern that asks for 16 oz of wool, and you buy 16 oz of cotton, you will be in trouble, as cotton is much heavier.

Different pattern companies and yarn companies seem to have different definitions of words like chunky and bulky, but I think that bulky is usually considered larger than chunky.

I use chunky/bulky intechangeably, but there may be a slight difference with chunky being equal to super bulky. Or not. Anyway, pick your yarn and try out the pattern, should work out okay. Definitely go by yardage.