Advice on Pom Poms for babies hat!

Hi all,

I have made a baby hat and i need to make 2 small pom poms to put on it. The problem i am having is that because they are small once i have bound them together (very tight) wool can be pulled out of them, ok i have to tug, but i know that by little one would be able to do the same, hence i am worried about the safety issues.

I never have this problem when making bigger pom poms only with smaller ones. Does any one have any advice or techinques that could help me, the hat won’t look as good without the pom poms.


Sarah-Jane xx

Any small pom pom could be potentially pulled off but instead of making pompoms, perhaps felted baubles would be a better idea? They could still be pulled off of the hat, but they wouldn’t fall apart as easily if pulled on?

Something like these