Advice on Pattern Difficulty

I’m a fairly new knitter, and would like to knit this pattern for a friend. Has anyone made this pattern before? I’m just looking for some advice as to how difficult this will be to make … like I said I’m fairly new to knitting, so I’d like to make sure that the item I choose will turn out nicely!


I’m not sure on what you have made…but the pattern is marked easy and after reading over it, I don’t think you would have trouble.

If you get stuck don’t worry and post your question…usually there is someone always near to give a hand… :thumbsup:

Ditto what Dustina said! :thumbsup:

It looks like your skills will include knitting and purling; increasing and decreasing;
and some embroidery skills for the face.

Thanks! I think I’ll go ahead and give it a try … if I run into any trouble I’m sure someone will be able to answer my questions!

I knitted this bunny some time ago. Used the L.B. pattern called Velvetspun Blanket Bunny (same, just different yarn) but, didn’t use either the Sasha or chenille type because I think a simple worsted yarn is better for a little one who will wear it’s food and eat it’s toys & clothes. Did a baby blanket, made the bunny to match with leftover yarn and the bunny was fine just somewhat smaller. You’ll learn a couple of new things with this pattern; I’ve been knitting since there was dirt and I still am challenged at times by new techniques. That’s how we learn. If the directions look a little strange and you’re used to knitting the same number of sts. across you’ll find that this starts at the bottom point (kind of like knitting a kite shape) and gradually adds and then decreases stitches . One little catch: when you cast on for the paws you’ll have to use a c.o. other than "long-tail, if that’s your favorite. You’ll find several easy methods in this site’s videos to help you. When you reach the ears you’ll be knitting and then leaving sts. and turning before you finish a row. One day you’ll be doing much more sophisticated patterns and they’ll call that doing short rows and you’ll already know how to do them. By all means ask again if you need help. Jean