Advice on felted guitar strap

Hello Forum!
I am a relatively new knitter and working on a felted guitar strap for my dad for Christmas (the pattern is a free pattern on LionBrand’s website, if you want to take a look). He is in a folk band and plays very expensive acoustic guitars. My concern with this strap is that the hole where the strap attaches to the guitar will not be strong enough to hold the guitar up. Is there any way i can reinforce the hole, perhaps with some kind of leather or other flexible material? Is this necessary? And would it be best to do this after I’ve felted the piece or before?
Any advice would be great!
Thanks in advance!

Every strap I’ve used has had a leather or nylon end piece to reinforce it. I’d felt the strap first, then put the leather on and buttonhole the edges.

You might also want to look into these:
They’ve gotten more expensive over the part forty years, imagine that ;)…but a really nice guitar is worth it.