Advice on cardi buttonband please

I have just finished all but the sleeves on a baby’s top down raglan cardigan. It is worked in stockinette with a five stitch garter stitch band down both sides for the buttonband. Although the garter stitch strip did keep the vertical edges from curling inward, the area where the body is attached to this band is making the body curl this strip under. Why is this? Have I knitted the garter band to tightly? Can this be why it is curling under instead of laying flat?
Sandra from SC

The same thing happened to a couple little sweaters I did. It got better after washing. Try washing and/or blocking it.

These are the two sweaters I had the problem with. Photos aren’t great, but you can see they lay pretty flat now.

Some garter bands need short rows given garter has shallower row depth compared to st st. Visual evidence here in artlady’s post:

The shorter length will make it pull but on a very small project it may flatten out when blocked, as mentioned above. (The second sweater pic’d above has seed border which works diff than garter.) I usually throw in some SRs even on small pieces. You just don’t want to add too many and have the band come out too loose and then sag.


Thanks Jan. I was wondering if a washing would help. As soon as I finish the sleeves, I’ll do just that.

Your sweaters are very cute. If those are free patterns from the web, would you please post a link, if it’s convenient?

Thanks to you too Cam for the advice on the Seed st. I had started to use it, but this sweater is for a boy and to me the seed st. seemed more feminine.