Advice on buying knitting needles


What is the best length of circular knitting needle to buy - 16", 23.5", 31.5", 39." or 59"?

Does the length matter? I want to use the CNs for flat knitting too.

And what length DPNs - 6" or 8"?


It will depend a lot on the types of projects you will be doing…have you checked out the thread on the interchangeable needles?

Only thing is, most interchangeables don’t “make” the smaller sizes, like a true 16 inch, so if you plan on doing a lot of smaller hats, that may be the size of “permanent” circular needles you want to buy if you are considering the interchangeables too.

:smiley: The circular needles that I use most often are 24"…but, I would hightly recommend interchangeables like Denises…I love my Denise and addis, I use them exclusively :wink:

I bought a lot of different sizes and lengths of alluminum needles when I first began to knit. I liked them. Then I began to buy some bamboo ones and I liked them too!! |Recently I bought the Denise Interchangeables and I LOVE :heart: them. I use them all the time now no matter what I’m knitting. They are so smooth and I just love how they feel. Had I known I would have purchased them the first time I heard about them. :XX:

Reading about them on this board is what made me want to give them a try and I’m so glad I did. :inlove:

I agree with Kristen that it totally depends on what you think you’ll be knitting. I will never knit an afghan, so the super long ones are of no use to me. I do however knit tons of kids’ items (hats, sweaters, etc) and I use my circs for small diameter circ knitting, So I buy lots of 16" circs, and the occasional 24" (which do come in handy for sweaters).