Advice on a present

My friend’s birthday is coming up next week. I thought about running out to the yarn store and making her a scarf, but then I had an idea. About a year ago I taught her how to knit and she’s been knitting scarves. She also crochets.

I was thinking I can put together sort of a ‘kit’. I would print out a free pattern, or write up one of my own, go to the store and get yarn and needles for it.

I personally would love this from someone, but do you think she would think of it as a ‘cop-out’ present? I know this is very subjective, but do you think a relatively new knitter would rather this or an actual finished scarf that I knit for her?

I think it’s a great idea, especially if you get her needles in a size you know she doesn’t already own.

I often ask for yarn from people for presents. And I just gave my Mom some yarn for her birthday as she crochet’s afghans for charities.

I think that the package of pattern, yarn, etc. is a great gift, don’t we all look for things we can make for people around us so that we don’t run out of things to make? I think she might feel the same way about wanting to knit things herself.
I don’t make stuff to give as gifts to people who also like to make similar things as gifts such as candies, cookies.

I think it’s a great idea, in fact I did something similar for my aunt for Christmas. I would prefer to get yarn as a gift rather than something already made- not that I wouldn’t appreciate the knitted gift, it’s just that I love yarn.

Hey, that is a fantastic idea! I’m just sorry I didn’t think of it first… (smile)

I would love a present like this!

That is a fantastic idea! I’d be tickled to get something like that. I think it is very thoughtful!!!

I dont think its a cheap way to give a gift at all! If she loves knitting and is enjoying knitting, what better gift to give her than more of what she loves! I say go for it and make up a nice kit. Don`t make it something too hard to knit, but give her a bit of a challenge. Then she will ask for help, which creates more time with you! Great idea!

Thanks everyone for your input. :slight_smile:

I definitely agree that the key is not to make it too hard, but challenging enough for it to be attainable. She’s just starting to mix knitting and purling together in one piece.

My biggest hesitation in giving this gift is that she’s super busy and isn’t really able to devote time to her hobbies, but perhaps this will be just the thing to help her de-stress.

It sounds like an excellent idea to me.

Great idea. I made a kit for a friend who didn’t even knit! Hehe. I’ve now created a monster… :wink: But in the best way!