Advice on a first sweater?

I need help picking a sweater pattern!

I’ve actually knit one, very basic sweater for my daughter already, so it’s not really my first. But, this one’s for me, me, me!

I’m thinking of Tubey, but I’ve been reading a bit of the KAL thread and it seems like quite a few folks had trouble with the sizing. I REALLY don’t want to knit a whole sweater and then not be able to wear it–I knit slow! I’d been thinking about KnitPicks Andean Silk for it.

Anyone have recommendations on a cute sweater pattern that would work on a small person? Or, does anyone want to talk me into Tubey?

Thanks! :smiley:

How about Tempting or Tempting II? Jenna, the person who designed them, is a small person, so I’m sure she had that in mind when coming up with them. Also they remind me of Tubey in a way, just without the long sleeves!

You could try this:
It’s a Minisweater but is super cute. I’m knitting one now and this is my first sweater! The pattern is a little hard to understand but theres always help here. :heart:

I think Tubey is a fantastic first sweater :thumbsup: but the sizing is veeery wonky. I’d say look at the pattern, do the measurements, and make one size smaller than what it tells you.

My suggestion is based on an idea, not a pattern. Buy Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book Knitting Without Tears and make a sweater of your own design. One that is seamless and made in the round.

I made a sweater for my husband this way and absolutely loved it! Sure, it takes making a gauge swatch and doing a little measuring, but it’s so worth it. And her book/s are so wonderful, you can’t help but be charmed by her. Plus, you’re learning skills, not simply following a pattern.

Good luck!


Thanks for the replies!

The temptings are really cute, as is the minisweater. I’m looking for something I could wear to work, and tempting presents a bra strap challenge.

knittingdoula, I would really like to try that sometime. I’ve heard so many good things about Elizabeth Zimmerman. For this project, I’m looking for something with more immediate gratification. I think I may add the book to my “wish list”, though.

Julie, thanks for the size advice. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and do this, since I’ve been thinking about knitting it for weeks now!