Advice needed re yarn for a big blanket - i have a list and cant choose

Being a young child I thought this would be a good starting off point. Once she finishes something, hopefully her sense of accomplishment will propel her to do more and think about gifting some of her creations. Which to me is as gratifying to the “gifter” as it is to the “giftee”.

thank you so much for suggesting the rivalry website - i have signed up and have had a look at some projects using carom simply soft ombre which i think would work well in a scarf or a blanket, or even a hat. really appreciate you mentioning this site. think this is gonna be a bit of a game changer for me in terms of source of insperation and finding reassurance for my never ending anxiety (fear of doing things wrong)

cutting the yarn, joining new yarn etc is not something i am an expert at…

if it was for me, i wouldnt care one bit that it’s wonky. i’d actually prefer :slight_smile: but fear of failure comes in when it is for my nephews


yes absolutely, i bet she will be excited to get started. the sense of achievement is quite something, but nothing beats the pleasure you feel when you are the gifter as you say - friends love that you have spent time to knit something for them. i am sure she will get all that when she gets started, but the most important thing is that she has fun with it. :slight_smile:


Beautiful stitches. What kind of pattern is this please?

do you mean the blue scarf? it’s the hurdle stitch - did that on a round loom, knitting in the flat. used lion brand hometown usa yarn.

if you mean the brown one, it is simply the garter stitch on needles, and used James C Brett yarn

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Yes. Its the Blue scarf.

thanks very much - have to say, i was particularly pleased with this one :slight_smile: and to look at it, nobody would guess it was made on a loom really. it’s for my nephew and i really hope he will like it.

if you want me to go back to find how you do the hurdle stitch pattern, i can do that. gotta start work now, but can come back later and do that if that would be helpful? i assume you could do the same stitch pattern using knitting needles?

just thought i’d come back and share more on the hurdle stitch scarf on the loom:

row 1 and 2: e-wrap
row 3 and 4: purl 1, knit 1

repeat 4 row pattern

I see what you mean about switching to loom because wrists hurt. I can only do about 6-10 rows of the “throw” before I have to switch to another project with smaller needles and lighter weight yarn. I guess it’s the weight of the “throw plus large needles that cause some discomfort. But I have learned to listen to my body and know when to stop and do something different. I’ll get that “throw done eventually. Actually it’s not my wrist but bottom of both thumbs.


i completely understand about listening to the body. it’s so important. i have various health issues that affect me so i really understand as i have had periods of up to a few months when i was completely unable to knit. i really missed knitting during those periods but eventually was able to get back to it

sooooo… update re the yarn and project blanket…

i received my KB infinity loom 3 days ago and it turns out that the gauge is small. i had almost completely decided that i would use the Lion Brand Hometown yarn in the blue that i used for the scarf i did for my nephew (photo in one of the above posts).

so far, i had never done a swatch for any project before as i am a bit impatient and always just get started and see what happens. however this blanket project is quite different so i thought i had to really.

i did a swatch with the lion brand yarn and it is too thick.

i have been looking at loads of patterns on ravelry (so happy that @salmonmac suggested this website). i was able to look at loads of blankets knitted on a loom on ravelry and check loads of different yarns. i really wanted to find a yarn that knits on 7mm or 8mm needles as anything smaller will take me forever to knit the blanket, and i am not quite used to using small yarn and i am worried i am gonna make mistakes and it’s not gonna look good.

i checked so many different yarns and reviews of yarns but couldnt find what needed. i looked at all the yarn i have myself and saw that i had one ball of women’s institute soft and chunky yarn. it knits on same size needles as the lion brand hometown yarn (both on 9mm needles) but it is less bulky and it turns out that it is gonna work quite well.

the women’s institute soft and chunky is 70% acrylic and 30% merino wool so it is lovely to knit with and it is soft.

as i am gonna make this blanket with only one colour (i am not very good with changing colour and am afraid to try this with the first scarf), i wanted to knit an nice pattern.

i had found one which had nice edges but the main body was a simple one stitch pattern. so i also looked for different patterns and one caught my eye on ravelry… the basket weave stitch…

so i did a swatch with the women’s institute yarn and it turned out really nice. the ball i have is grey but i wanted to make the blanket in blue so i have now ordered 9 balls of navy WI soft and chunly yarn which will arrive middle of the week.

i have already worked out how many stitches i need to cast on (148) and put stitch markers where i need them for the pattern. i will do the edge of the other pattern i had found which will look nice and will stop the blanket from curling at the bottom and the sides. i have written down the pattern.

so i am basically ready to get started. might not get started until next weekend as even if i get the yarn on wednesday as i believe i will because i will need a good chunk of time to get started which i dont easily get in the evenings.

i dont know how long it is gonna take for me to knit the first blanket, or if it will turn out as i think it will. i will take my time and will be very careful with what i do.

i need to have this blanket, and another one, done by early december so i can send them to my nephews from the UK to France.

this has turned out to be a long update… i’m really excited to get started and a bit anxious it will not turn out to be good…


I am sure it will turn out very well. You seem to have spent a lot of time finding the right yarn & pattern. Like I said I have 2 “throws” in progress. One is child size and almost halfway done. Course when I started, her bedding was purple unicorns but now for her birthday , it is now pink unicorn & rainbow bedding. But I guess purple & pink compliment each other. The other is a somewhat larger one for adult and it is also slightly greater than halfway. Need both by Xmas. I think I have more than enough time but takes me longer due to having to take breaks so doesn’t cause discomfort. Also very busy raising a granddaughter and there is always something going on there but school about to start so that should help. Oh but then there’s homework, dance etc, I forgot… oh well onward I go



it is hard to find time for knitting when you are so busy but i am glad that you are able to find some every so often. i find knitting very therapeutic. does your granddaughter know you are knitting her a blanket? i want the blankets for my nephews to be a surprise so in terms of colour for the blanket, i am going on what my sister told me about a year ago. their favourite colour could well have changed by now…

i ended up spending some checking the KB loom youtube channel this afternoon, and found a few stitch patterns that i really like and i am now not sure which one i want to go with first.

the double andalusian stitch is the simplest one as the stitch repeat on each row is more repetitive with less variations, and it is a 4 row repeat. the others are still pretty easy but have less repetitive variations on each row, and a longer row repeat.

so thinking i may start with the double andalusian pattern for the first blanket… maybe… it is quite nice, isn’t it?

the basket weave one is the one i had settled on yesterday but i hadnt seen all the others…

out of all the below, which one would you pick?

vertical diamond:

vertical diamond

diagonal diamond:

diagonal triangle

double andalusian:

double andalusian

purl zigzag:

purl zigzag

basket weave:

basketweave stitch

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They are all lovely stutch patterns but I like the first 2 best, the vertical diamond and diagonal diamond. Beautiful.

I can’t see the purl zig zag for some reason (could be my device).

Basket weave is fine but for me I see it too much where as the two diamond patterns are more unusual and I love those.

Your sister knows well enough I’m sure.
My son’s fav colour has never changed and whilst he loves a whole load of bright colours all mixed up together his fav colour has been pink since he was a baby. As soon as he could sit he would reach for pink. First colour he ever said was pink. Always drawn to pink. It fills him with happiness and I’m sure these blankets will bring so much happiness to your nephews.

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No my granddaughter does not know that what I’m knitting is for her. She’s used to me always working on something and usually for other people. The things I’ve done previously for her, I’ve always told her. So she really doesn’t ask. As far as which stitch I like, I think vertical diamond


yes those 2 you picked are really lovely… i keep on going back and forth on what to do… i’ll probably change my decision many times between now and next weekend… :slight_smile:

thank you very much for your reassurance and your kind words. i do hope indeed that it makes my nephews happy :slight_smile:

i love that your son picked his favourite colour since he was a baby and stayed with it through those stages. it’s lovely that pink fills him with happiness. love that!!

gonna try again to attach the purl zig zag - maybe something went wrong when i attached it.

if it doesnt work, i am also gonna try to add the link so you can see what it looks like.

Link: purl zig zag link

purl zigzag

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aww i love it that this is a surprise for her - i bet she will be really pleased :slight_smile:

thanks very much; the vertical diamond is indeed really nice!