Advice needed about laddering in ribbing

Hi I am knittingthishat and am having trouble with laddering on the first 15 rows of ribbing. The ladder occurs after the between the knit and purl stitch on each ‘rib’. I have tried pulling the yarn tight, which helps a little, but there is still a small ladder. I am now on my 3rd attempt at this hat and am starting to get quite annoyed, i have knit hats on the same needle with the same weight yarn and haven’t had this problem before, I just don’t know how to solve this.

I have found that I have to pull the two stitches after changing stitch type. If going from knit to purl or purl to knit I pull the tension a little tighter on the next two stitches.

This helps me.

You can wrap the purl st backwards to tighten it up and that seems to help. The sts usually even out when you wash the item when done though.

Doesn’t wrapping the purl backwards create a twisted stitch?

Only if you knit into the front loop on the next row or round. But if the purl is on the RS it won’t be seen, sts only show as twisted on the knit side.

Yep, if you’re knitting in the round wrap the purl stitch backwards and the twisted part will only show on the inside. I couldn’t find anything about it when I had the problem so I figure it out for myself and blogged the info.

If you’re knitting flat you can still wrap it backwards, but on the other side knit into the back of the twisted stitch and it straightens it out while keeping it tighter…