Advice for newbie


I’m close to finishing my very first scarf and was wondering what you recommend my next project should be. Another scarf? or a hat? I want to continue to continue to grow and be challenged in my knitting skills. I appreciate any suggestions.


What would you like to do? A hat can be done on straight needles unless you want to learn knitting in the round at the same time as increases and decreases.

Hi Suzeeq,

I would like to learn how to knit in the round with increases and decreases. I’m wondering if I need to work on basic skills using straight needles before I attempt knitting in the round. What do you think?

It’s never a bad idea to just practice and play with the yarn - I did lots of that when I first started and still do. You can take any leftover or inexpensive yarn and do a sampler. Go to the Increases and Decreases page and practice the different ones; the Tips page has videos of the different stitches - garter, stockinette, rib and seed. CO about 20 or 24 sts and just go for it.

Thanks suzeeq!

What do you want to do, that is the big question. Hats, mittens, socks, a sweater, afghan…Just about anything you choose will help expand your skill set. Should you get stuck, the experts here will help you out, I’m sure. Enjoy!

I love knitting in the round. I’ve done it a number of times now and still it fascinates me. I started on circular needles but recently tried dpns and I liked working that way too.

I think my next project will be a hat. Thanks for the great advice Grumpygramma.

This is COMPLETELY off-topic, but I ALWAYS read your username as Grumpy[B]Grampa[/B]. I think it is because my Gramma is incredibly sweet 100% of the time but my Grampa is a grumpy old man (I always think of him as a cross between Red Foreman from [I]That 70’s Show[/I] and R. Lee Ermey from History Channel’s [I]Mail Call[/I]). My sister and I told him we were going to start callling him Grumppa. In my brain, if it starts with Grumpy it ends in Grampa! (Despite this, I still love him bunches) Anyway, I see it and think, “Woah, a knitting Grampa?!” and re-read it.

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That’s a great story, I’m glad you shared it.

I guess I’m not really all that grumpy, it started as a joke with my GKs. Now I tell them I have a reputation to maintain. Finding a user name that isn’t taken is tricky; this one is generally available. I think knitting grandpas would be wonderful, I’m sure there are some out there.

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