Advice for lining

Hello! I hope someone can offer me some advice for adding a lining to this shawl I knit for myself

I have very fussy skin and don’t like the way it feels so I want to line it with this flannel houndstooth fabric

I’m not very experienced at hand sewing, what stitch should I use to sew it on? Should I just attach the fabric to the perimeter?
Any advice would be appreciated!

I’ve never heard of lining a shawl. That’s a nice contrasting fabric though. I would think a simple overhand stitch. Keep in mind though that knitting stretches and cloth doesn’t stretch as much if at all. When it’s washed and blocked you’ll have to block to the fabric size.

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I hadn’t even thought of the blocking issue! I think I’m over complicating this, I really don’t need to line the entire thing, just the very top part that’ll be against my neck. Terrible yarn choice!

Thanks for your reply!

Also, be sure to pre-wash and machine dry your flannel at least twice. Flannel has a nasty habit of shrinking and can continue to do so even after a wash and dry.

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Now that is a lesson I have learned, lol. I made two pillowcases for my bed with this fabric and the first time I washed them they shrunk so much I couldn’t get the pillows back into them.

I’ve settled on making a removable lining for just the top triangle, where the lighter color starts. I wouldn’t bother, I’d just give it away, but I really love the design, color and the weight of it.

I hear you! I’ve got very sensitive skin on my neck and shoulders so I can’t use many of the beautiful yarns out there. Fortunately I can knit with them so I make things for others, charity or things that don’t go on my skin. Hope you find some method so you can wear it. It’s beautiful!

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Lining a shawl is not a good idea, particularly with the fabric you have chosen, the fabric will shrink and the yarn will not. It would be better to alter the fibre of the shawl to make it useable, soak the shawl in lukewarm water with a bottle of cheap hair conditioner dissolved in it. Doing this will serve multiple purposes, it will block out the shawl, it will help eliminate the uncomfortable issue with the yarn you used to make it and it will eliminate the need for a liner. If you don’t like the idea of using hair conditioner, a generous amount of liquid fabric softener will work as well, just keep in mind that it you use fabric softener instead of the hair conditioner, you will probably have to repeat it in the future after washing it a few times, the residue of fabric softener will be lost but the paraffin affect of the hair conditioner is not lost as easily. Great job on the shawl, by the way!

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Londonlisa thanks for your suggestion, I’m going to try it on a sweater waiting to be finished up and blocked. I hope it works, I’d really like to knit a few things for myself!

And thanks for the compliment on my shawl, I really do love it, but it’s no longer an issue as my very good friend decided it was giving me too much grief, and as she put it “I’m taking this for myself to put you out of your misery”. I have such kind friends!