Advice for a new knitter please

I just started knitting thanks to this wonderful website. I decided to try a baby blanket as a first project, so I went to my LYS for some supplies. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to be told that it would cost at least $80 in yarn to make the blanket. I live in NYC, so I imagine the yarn is hugely overpriced, as everything else is here.

My questions are:

Can you recommend an online store that I could buy some yarn from?

How much should I expect to spend?

Should I get a pair of Addis Turbo needles? (Right now I have a pair of 10.5 plastic needles and a size 6 metal). I really don’t like the plastic ones and have been told that it’s easier to do a blanket with circular needles.

Thank you!

$80 for a baby blanket? What were they trying to sell you? Cashmere?? That is ridiculous! DON’T go back to that shop. There are a lot of other yarn shops in NYC. I don’t live there, so I can’t make any recommendations, but I CAN say that $80 for a baby blanket is insane.

You shouldn’t have to spend more than $30, and even that is being generous. A baby blanket is small, it’s not a full sized afghan for heavens sake. $80?? :shock: :??

For online shops, check out this thread. :slight_smile:
I hope this helps, and welcome to!!

holy cow. i can just imagine the yarn they would have told you to use for the baby blanket. i am sure it would have been spectacular and unfit for use by any normal baby…wow

yeah i would definitely check out another store and there are definitely a ton of sites online that are more reasonably priced. the only problem with online is that they haven’t created touch and feel yarn shopping yet.

this is the site that i used to find my LYS. i love people’s reviews cuz htey are the ones who REALLY know what it is like to shop somewhere!

one of the yarn stores i shop at is pricey like that… thats why i don’t go often, they have some really nice stuff but dangit they put a dent in my pocketbook!

Thank for this link. Wouldn’t you know it - the store I went to had horrible reviews.

This place didn’t have any yarn less than $11/ball!

KC, I don’t think it’s just where’re you’re at that causes the high priced yarn, I have a shop that’s right here in idaho that sells skeins at $50/per. I had picked up two different skeins and had asked what the difference between them were. the store clerk couldn’t tell me beyond the price, needless to say, I didn’t go back there again.

One way to save money (and the environment) is to go to your local Goodwill (or equivalent) and buy a sweater made out of something nice and rip it out andreuse the yarn. I’ve done it a couple of times and had good results. There is a whole website thaat shows you how to do it. Let me find th elink and I’ll post it.

Ah here it is:

I know that some of you all may shudder at this…but for a baby blanket, I would run, not walk, to Joann’s, Michaels or one of the other discounty places, and use one of the nice baby boucles, or perhaps that light n lofty or something like that…something soft cuddly and washable…something that can be washed a zillion times…

My mom stopped knitting years ago because she decided to make a sweater for my nephew who was a lil nipper at the time. She made the sweater and it was never seen again. Well, two sides to every story, she made it out of some uber scratchy wool…she thought the color was lovely (and it was) but it would have been itchy for us, and a nightmare for a baby. She was mad, my SIL felt badly but she tried and the lil guy was miserable wearing it.

I would think you could do a nice baby afghan for 20/30 bucks, if you use your 40% coupons judiciously.

There’s NOTHING wrong with buying discount yarn or the yarns at Michaels or Joanns!! So long as you’re knitting, we love you just the same. :heart:

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Oh I agree! There is a time and a place for the high end stuff and a time and a place for the low end :XX: has some decent, low priced yarns. I’ve used sone of the Cernivia Genova and it was nice. Plymouth Encore is also a nice blend for a baby blanket–machine washable and dryable that is relatively inexpensive.

I’m making a baby blanket out of TLC pastel colors I got on sale for $1.85 a skein. Regular price 2.99.

I made my sister a simple baby blanket to match a quilt I had sewn, and I used a baby yarn from Walmart – I think “baby softee” was the brand name. It was super cheap, totally washable, and totally cuddly! I wanted the blanket to be small, soft and very easy care so that it would actully get used!


Thanks for your advice everyone! I managed to find some Red :heart: Soft Baby yarn at a drugstore, so I’m going to start with that.

I’ll save the cashmere baby blankets for my post-lottery winning knitting…

:thumbsup: Great choice for a first blanket :smiley: If you are anything like I was, as your love of knitting grows so will your desire for more expensive yarns and finding cool things at LYSs. Another idea for you with the inexpensive yarns – I’ve been making mittens with softee chunkey (that may be a Bernat yarn). Works up fast and feels nice and soft. Have fun :x: !


Sweetie–WalMart always has Bernat"s Soft Babee yarm.It is so soft and very washable and durable! :heart:

The mother will appreciate a soft but durable “bankie” that she can throw in the washer and dry over and over–cause she WILL have to do that! :smiley:

Nothing wrong with Red Heart either–I just found that the Bernat didn’t seem to pill as much after laundering. Good luck and welcome to KnittingHelp!!
:XX: :happydance: