Advice for a Knitting Newbie?

I’ve recently picked up knitting (about 9 months ago). I haven’t finished a big project yet. I’m also a paper crafter, avid reader, a mother of 2, and I work fulltime. So when the itch to knit hits, I pick up my needles. I am working on a basketweave blanket currently and am deathly afraid to try anything that requires sewing/seaming and alot of increasing/decreasing. I’ve knitted up lots of washcloths and have made alot o scarves. I haven’t inished a blanket/afghan yet and I haven’t tried anything that requires inc/dc, or sewing pieces together.

I would really like to get better and more adventurous - but I don’t have someone to help me if I make boo-boos.

Advice, tips, easy beginner patterns… I mean EASY. I can knit and purl. But like I’ve said, that’s about it. Thanks in advance!:pout:

I would get some bulky yarn, some big-ish needles and start a hat. Start on a circular needle and knit around. then once you have the hang of it, you can switch over to dpns to do your decreases at the top.

A touque was my first adventurous project and it went surprisingly smoothly and it was fun! :slight_smile:

My advice is to jump right in without fear! This site is a phenomenal resource that has always picked me up when I’ve fallen knitwise. Pick a pattern that teaches you one new thing - increase/decrease is a good place to start. CO, start working, and ask when you get stuck. It’s so much easier to understand when you’re at that spot with yarn & needles in hand.

I used this pattern for my actual first FO (second pattern on the page - New England Stole):

No seaming, just increases, decreases, and one fun new stitch.

Dive in and enjoy! :cheering:

I would recommend a hat, or perhaps a felted bag.

A hat would be good in the round. That way, you wouldn’t have to seam! (I’ve been knitting for over a year, and I’m STILL afraid of seaming! :teehee:) DPNS are not nearly as scary as they seem. One way to get used to them would be to start a hat on circular needles, and then when it comes time to decrease, you could switch to DPNS at that point. For decreasing, you can just do VERY simple k2tog–knitting two stitches together as one.

A felted bag or other project would be good because once it’s felted, all the mistakes are hidden! :cheering:

Good luck!!! :thumbsup:

Baby sweaters are great - you’ll learn about sweater construction AND have an emergency baby gift!