Adventures in felting

I felted booga this AM…I had used Elann Peruvian wool, and cast on the number in the pattern, and added about 30 to the sides…(thank heaven for that).

One round of 10 minutes in hot, and boy that puppy was small! I retrieved it, mauled and pushed and shoved it, and it is now a very respectable yet small bag. It will be perfect for the recipient though.

I will definitely be making mine larger when I make it. Did anyone ever say how much Noro was left over when they did theirs using the pattern specs? I am thinking maybe use a different yarn for the bottom???

This is one of my next projects. Exactly how many stitches did you use and how big did the bag turn out, please? I don’t want anything too tiny. I can tell by how much yarn it said to buy that it isn’t very large. Ooooh, a real reason to buy more yarn!!!