Advantages of buying interchangables?

Wondering why people buy interchangeable circulars? I buy individual sizes.
Doesn’t the yarn get stuck on the part where the connections are?
Also if you have multiple projects going, wouldn’t you need individual needles instead of interchangeables?
Just curious.

I found it cheaper in the long run to buy the interchangeable…instead of buying new sizes. I have tried Boye, Denises, and KnitPicks sets…I love the knit pick sets…the yarn doesn’t get snug and the cables are very flexible. I bought a couple more 24" cables (3.99 will get you 2 more extras) since that is what I use the most and the tips I used the most I have more of those.

I have the tips in Harmony, Nickel, and Zephyr…and like them all…

You will find that other people like the other sets better…with KP you could order a fixed cable needle and try it…that will give you an idea of how the set works :thumbsup:

If you do a searchon here you will also find lots of threads where the different options are discussed :happydance:

I’m a fan of the susan bates needles… I won’t buy interchangeables… i don’t want the extra hassle of keeping all the parts together when I have a hard time keeping my quilting/sewing/knitting stuff together (I have kids that like to raid my stashes… usually looking for scissors and I have cats that like to play with my bobbins!)

I like having all the needles I use in one portable package. I have KP Harmony interchangeable and bought extra tips of the sizes I use most often which is the 4-6. I bought extra cables as well. When I need the needles from one project for another I can screw off the tips and screw on the stitch keepers. The only thing else I need to do is make sure I mark what size I was knitting with on the first project. I have also used extra cables to keep projects from dpns in hibernation when I need the needles for something else. I have found more ways to use my interchangeables than I imagined when I bought them. I haven’t touched my individual circulars or straights since. It also was a lot less expensive than continuing to fill in the gaps in the circular sizes and lengths I had.

Can you even imagine trying to constantly travel with all those circular needles in your suitcase? No, me neither.

a great tip i picked up was to tie the number of knots for the needle size in your tail when you take the tips off a project and use the cable as a stitch holder.

ex. needle size: 6, tie six little knots in your tail so you dont have to worry about losing a list or piece of paper!

ETA: sorry am at work and the boss came over LOL i feel guilty even though it was my lunch hour :slight_smile:

I LOVE my Denise’s I have tried all the others except Addi Clicks and i haven’t tried those because I don’t care for metal needles. It has saved me a great deal of money in not having to invest in separate circs for all projects and I am a wicked “gadget” person :slight_smile:

If the needles are anywhere near decent quality, no the yarn will not get stuck at the connection. The cables are always thinner than the needles you’re knitting with so the stitches will always hang rather loosely on the cable, and the connections are tapered up to the full thickness of the needle, so the transitions are gradual.

Personally, I own a Knit Picks nickle options set, so all my experiences are with those or a single Susan Bates circ I bought.

I’ve bought some extra cables - some longer ones than what come with the set (since I like to use magic loop) and a couple extra of the more regular sizes. As mentioned above, the cables make great stitch holders if you want to rest a project or simply want to hijack the needle tips for something else for a while. All of the KP cables come with endcaps that screw on just like the needles, so your project can’t fall off the cable when it’s hibernating.
Also, if find that I like being able to switch out the needles one at a time as well - think of projects that have you switch needle sizes partway through. I can switch out the working needle tip, work the row, then switch out the other needle. This way I don’t have a second set of needles flopping all over and getting unruly.

If you’re not interested in a full set, or just want to test out the needles, you can buy just the needle tips and cables that you’ll actually get use out of, and since all 3 of their needle types use the same cables, you can mix and match them.
Since in theory you only need one set of cables, this also becomes rather economical - the tips cost about half what a normal Susan Bates needle costs.

Only downside I’ve had is that smaller needles sizes (in the case of KP, anything smaller than a size 4) are only available as fixed needles, so I still need to buy those separately, and in multiple cable lengths as well if necessary.

I’ve used Add, Boye, Denise and Knitpicks Options. I personally find Addi and Options comparable and I prefer them over any other hands down.

I’ve never had a snag on the join in my Options, nor have I had them unscrew. I use a grippy thing to tighten them and no problems at all. I had one cable pull out from the connector, but my DH use hot glue and it’s been fine ever since. Gotta love KP customer service, too!

I have extra needles and cables that I use most often and I bought the 16inch size of my most used sizes for hats.

Oh and I keep the needles and cables in binder pockets that I labeled with the sizes. I keep them together with binder rings.

Oh how we love to pounce on the topic of interchangeables VS set circs! :happydance:

Some interchanges do ‘hang up’ your knitting at the ‘join’.
But others do not!

I have a lot of everything…and I’d recommend interchangeables to any new knitter who’s contemplating ‘rounding out’ her knitting supplies.

And overall, I’d recommend KnitPicks OPTIONS. Nickel-plated, Harmony, or Zephyr…they’re all good materials. I use NP’s most. I purchased extra tips in NP. I got the set first…then added 2 extra tips for my most frequently used sizes. And I have about 12-24" cable cords.