Advantage(s) of Backward Knitting?

What is the advantage of backwards knitting? Although I like purling, I am fairly inexperienced, so I would like to know what types of projects this would be good for. Thanks in advance.

People use backwards knitting for entrelac patterns. I only found out about it when the monthly KAL was an entrelac pattern – I had never heard about backwards knitting before. It doesn’t look difficult – I’m pretty sure there’s a video here about it. But I don’t mind purling so I did my entrelac pattern without knitting backwards.

I am working on a entrelac pattern, That is how I learned how to backward knit. Amy has a video on it. It sure did make my knitt go faster and I found it to be more fun.:yay:

A few people use it a lot, but most only when doing entrelac and you have only 2-10 sts on each side so you won’t have to flip back and forth. I tried it, but it was just as easy for me to turn.

I use it when knitting Entrelac too but also when I knit a sock… on the heel flap and turn instead of turninging…I just knit backwards… :thumbsup:

It’s very handy for entrelac, sock heels, and for knitting on borders for shawls.

It also works well for shortrows. I prefer to just turn and purl but that could be bad technique when I try backwards knitting.