Advanced technique i'd like to see on here


i’ve tried it several times but i just don’t “get” it!

thanks much, i love this site and have passed it on to several knitting groups that i’m on!

Definitely, that’s one thing I’ll be including! It’s great to have the request–it’s motivating. I’ll put it up soon! :wink:


I’d love to see the centered double increase that is used in the Rogue Hoodie. Mine have a hole under them and that annoys me no end!

Welcome DrCheryl!

I don’t know what you mean by the Rogue Hoodie…?

I do have a video of centered double decrease. It’s in the “Abbreviations Explained” page, under CDD. (I’ll have a page up showing double decreases, in the decrease section, eventually, but for now you can find it there!)

Is this the double decrease you’re using? I can’t imagine how you’d be getting a hole!

I think I must be missing something here!..


Ahh, the centered double decrease is no problem. But the centered double increase is. The Rogue Hoodie is a pattern widely discussed and knitted in the blog world. It has very nice celtic knot work on the sleeves, a center panel and around the hood. The centered double increase is used to start the knot.


Oh, I see, I mis-read your post! Gotcha. That’s funny, because I was thinking “I could see a double increase causing a hole…” LOL

Ahh, I found your Rogue Hoodie with a google search yesterday. It’s really funny, because I’ve stumbled upon it twice today by accident, since then! I see what you mean about it being a buzz in blog-land!

There are two double increase combo’s I can think of that don’t create a hole.

If you don’t mind there being a central stitch between them, you could do:
M1L, k1, M1R

If you want them side by side, you could use these two (the first one works off the left edge of the last stitch, and the second one off the right edge of the next stitch):
kinc, followed by Lifted Increase Right.

(definitions are on the increase page)

Both these double increases look great.
Good question!



I’ve put up the kitchener stitch video! It’s in the advanced techniques section.


Wow! That will sure come in handy.

Your video shows two pieces of stockingette stitch.

Would I use the same technique when joining pieces of, say, garter stitch?

You would use a different sequence for garter stitch. Here’s the sequence:

Hold the work so that a recently purled row is facing towards you on both needles (or a recently knit row facing away from you, clearly):

To begin:
Near Needle: purl
Far Needle: purl

Repeated sequence:
Near Needle: knit (drop stitch), purl
Far Needle: knit (drop stitch), purl

Thank you!


It’s also different for ribbing. I’ll put it up eventually, or when I get a request!


Hello all,
I would like to see how knit with more than one color, preferably to form a vertical stripes pattern. Thanks.

I taught myself to knit with JUST this site… I LOVE IT & have recommended it to friends. I taught myself (or learned from your videos, cast on, knit, purl, bind off) & proceeded to make my first 2 projects… 2 scarves.

I noticed my edges looked kinda crazy… but I attributed it to skill. After the second scarf also looked nutty.(even thought the stitching looked nice & neat) I searched your forum for tips on how to make my edges neater.

I found that I should have SLIPPED the first stitch in every row! Can’t go back…but I think an ESSENTIAL TIPS section would be helpful.

I would suggest a tips section with the following:

  • How to get neat scarf edges…slip stitch with a video.
  • How to use circular needles…with a video on how to stop & start a new row. (I’d love to try a new pattern … but I can’t find anything on the web that shows me how to use those circular needles).
  • changing colors video (even though the russian video shows the color change…it would be nice to see it knitted in or with 2 pieces of yarn. My weaving in of ends needs a LOT of work… I’m going to try that russian join on my next scarf.

THAT’s about it for now… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! :smiley:

I would like to see a video for knitting letters on a hat , i would like to make a hat for grandchildren with their School Colors. Erma [/b][/b]

Welcome Victorious & Ermaadkins!

Victorious, those are all great suggestions. I’ll definitely do the slipped edge technique; I’ll include it in the demo of how to knit a few rows on straight needles that I’ll be doing. I’ll probably do the video on joining colors that way too.

I do have a video on using circular needles. There’s a few videos on knitting in the round. Hopefully they will address your questions.

Ermaadkins & Earthling, check out the videos on two-color knitting: fair isle and intarsia.


ermaadkins you can also knit letters w/o using more than one color by using a pattern from just knits and purl stitches (the knits will be the flat “background” and the purls will be the raised letter part). Here’s the chart I used, but I don’t know what the copyright issues are…

on the right side, knit the white squares and purl the green squares, and on the wrong side purl the whites and knit the greens… Easy!

Thanks I went to your site and will give them a try.