Advanced knitters help! incorporating ruffles seamlessly?

I’ve designed a scarf in my head but it’s not working out the way I planned in RL. lol.
What I’d like to do is stockinette with a ruffle along the side. I do not want to pick up and knit the ruffle edging but rather knit it as I go along with the stockinette. I tried doing short rows in garter 8 stitches on the edge of the stockinette but the ruffle doesn’t look that good. Does anyone have a good method they can share for doing this?

Am I right in assuming that the st st is running North-South…and you want the ruffles along the East and West edges? :??

If this is so…I don’t think ‘knit as you go’ ruffles are possible because of the nature of the ruffles. Ruffles are created by either reducing the number of stitchs on a row…or at the other end, increasing the number of stitches on the row.

So, if the st st runs North-South…the East-West placement of the ruffles makes those ruffle stitches at each end “knit” from a North-South direction…but the nature of the ruffle is counter to that.

The stitches of these East Edge-West Edge ruffles needs to be be picked up later, and then knit as if they are North-South stitches.

It isn’t hard to pick up stitches later. In fact, incredibly easy and almost invisible.

Another option, you could knit the ruffle by itself and whipstitch it to the edge of the scarf.

Yes, I agree with ArtLady. I saw this this morning and thought, " I think what she wants to do is impossible, I’ll leave it for someone else to answer." :slight_smile:

On an afghan I knitted, I picked up stitches around the edges and double crocheted them and ended up with a nice ruffle.

Check your library and see if they have any of Nicki Epstein’s books, Knitting On the Edge, Knitting Over the Edge, and I think she may have a 3rd ‘Edge’ book too. Looking thru the different edgeings, often ruffles, may give you an idea or two.

Got to agree with the others, I’m not sure you can get a ruffle that way. Got to laugh at Marigold’s response - only casue I thought the same thing!

PS- ArtLady - I [U]love [/U]your pic of your log cabins!