Adult Surprise Jacket

I just finished the Adult Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It is based on the Baby surprise jacket. Once done you have to lengthen the sleeves. I also added a collar. I used Berkshire Bulky from Valley Yarns at WEBS. It is soft and WARM. I mean it to be a jacket to wear out more than a cardigan to wear in. Though last evening it kept me very toasty around the house.

I have it posted on Ravelry-in fact I just posted a few projects there having just set up a Flicker account yesterday in honor of this finished jacket. The pics are taken before blocking and I don’t have buttons yet. It is now drying on my bed. When I get buttons I’ll have someone take a pic of me in it and add it to the Ravelry page.

Thanks for looking.

Amy, those are all adorable! I especially liked the sweaters and the bears. Your (?) daughter is adorable too, and makes a great little model.

I notice you are in Oregon, like me, anywhere near Salem?

BTW, just thought I’d add, your work looks very professional. Well executed, well blocked and great photography. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Debkcs! Thank you for the nice comments. The bears are from a charity project and I made them at the 1st of 2007. Here is a link to the knit a long:

The bears are sent to children in Africa suffering from HIV. Here is a link to the web site:

And yep, I’m near you…I’m in Corvallis.

Very nice jacket/sweater, Amy. I like the colors and patterning you chose. I am familiar with the baby surprise jacket, but did not know that EZ had also created an adult version.

You have some very nice FOs I like the colors you chose for the baby surprise jacket and those bears. I like the one with the fancy cabled sweater :slight_smile:

I usually don’t click links as I prefer to see the photos here, but I had to see your ASJ. It looks great!! :yay:

Very nice!!

Thanks you for the bear link too.

:woot: Everything looks wonderful!! :thumbsup:

That is a beautiful jacket and I love the colors. I have always wanted to try that pattern, but it is still on my list!

Also I emailed for the bear pattern! Do you have any advice on the yarn? And also is it better to use yarn or DMC thread for the face??


Beautiful Jacket. :thumbsup:

Veeeery nice :thumbsup: Been wanting to make an adult suprise too. I live in Portland and there are many yarn stores around town doing baby sj as a class. Maybe I’ll take a class and do the adult sj.

That is a very nice jacket. Looks like it will do the job of keeping the cold out and has a lot of style.

Beautiful !!!

Hi, for the bears they want washable yarn. I used Mission falls super wash on 2 of them and used regular dishcloth cotton on the other. I used a thicker embroidery thread for the faces. I’m not good at embroidery but found it easier on stockinette faces rather than garter stitch.

Wow! Neatly done!

The jacket is just wonderful and as commented before, very neat and professional! Just LOVE the geometric design! Great Job!

I love the colours of the jacket and it nice and warm as well!

You ladies impress me all the time! That’s really, really nice. And so perfectly lined up!

Very nice! Great job! :slight_smile:

Looks great! I hadn’t realized there was an adult version.