Ads on the site

Is it just me and my computer or are there now two ads at the top of the site? :??:

I see two ads - but theyre both for really nice stuff :smiley: lol

I only see one. :??

Me too…

I see two different ads, and some threads have them between posts… at least on my computer… doesn’t bother me though. Whatever it takes! :lol:

EDIT: OK, now I see two and they are for the SAME thing… hmmm.

Me, three. Only 1 ad here.

Two ads at the top for me but they dont bother me and I actually click on ads at this site. Ive never done that before.

I see one ad in Firefox and two in IE.

Safari here.

two ads too and a lot of times they are the same ad. :wink:

what she said:shifty:

2 ads, I.E. and this started yesterday. before then is was just one. I just figured Amy REALLY wants me to order from Knit Picks…

Firefox- One ad at the top, and a smaller one on the bottom.

I wonder if it’s browser dependent? I get two in IE and one in Firefox. I took a screen shot and will show this thread to Sheldon.

Screenshot of double banner in IE.

[SIZE=4]Problem fixed![/SIZE]

I lowered the position of the ad yesterday to help give our yarn advertisers a little more exposure. I felt they were a little too far up on the page and possibly overlooked. I commented out the original ad code which most browsers ignored like they were supposed to. But apparently IE doesn’t like to play nice (as anyone who does web design will agree!) and decided to show the commented code!!!:wall:

LOL- isn’t that the truth!!! Thank you for fixing it… and I’ll still order from knitpicks…

the ads have NEVER been overlooked by me. in fact, i believe the knitting folder in my favorites has quite possibly quadrupled since joining KH. :roflhard: i actually look forward the the ads here. :noway:

I am glad to hear that folks visit and purchase from the yarn stores advertised here on KH. The ads help to keep the site a free resource on the net. Thanks!

I feel your pain Sheldon, I manage a website myself and I thought it looked a little weird that the top ad wasn’t aligned. I didn’t want to seem like I was complaining about the ads, I enjoy them too!