Adrienne Vittadini shops in EU

Hi all from Munich,

I am trying to search for a supplier for Vittadini yarns and pattern books in EU. (I live in Germany) Up till now I do not get anything. Could any of you help? I am really in love with the patterns( I am not sure if I could knit) and can’t get it out of my mind. Since the yarns are expensive, shipping to Germa ny also have to pay around 20% custom tax extra. So, if you guys have some clue, would be great help!. Thanks.


Have you tried eBay? You might be able to find some sellers who ship internationally and if you find a bargain, it may help offset the cost of shipping and taxes.

Noop! I have been almost 6 or 7 months trying in ebay but have no luck. also try to search in internet but found most of them in US market. Probably I just need to keep looking. Thanks for your mail. Benjawan