Adorable things in J.Jill

Has anyone seen the latest J.Jill catalog?

Look at that adorable sweater!! Quick, those who can look at a sweater and tell the pattern, get on this one and please share!!

Also, search for “Kyra” – I REALLY want that one…

Well, it’s cables with a ruffled edge. :teehee: I bet you could do a cabled sweater and adapt it.

well thanks for THAT vote of confidence!! LOL–Honestly, it NEVER crossed my mind that I could do that myself!! (I’m literally laughing out loud! That’s very funny to me!)


:teehee: No really. If you did a cabled sweater that requires picking up stitches for the button band you could do a ruffle instead. Voila!

If not now, then someday you’ll be able to do it. :thumbsup:

Seems like Interweave Knits magazine Spring 2008 had something similar.


yes, the Sylph was it? I thought that was cute too…I"m seeing ruffles everywhere this season!

I’m not a ruffles fan but I like the cables. I’ll them pretzel cable! :cheering:

OOooo I found it. Kyra pointelle topper. Veeeeery nice :eyebrow:

Sure, you could do it! I agree with Jan, only takes really wanting to! :muah:

OK just one more thing. Ya know I don’t like that they have “women’s” sizes but model the clothes on skinny women. GGGggrrrrr

That ones gorgeous, too! Very flattering and classic, would never go out of style!

My name is Lisa (perlswirl), I’m 52 y/o, married, a nurse, with grown kids and now 4 grandchildren all girls. I consider myself an advanced beginner. I am obsessed with yarn and new projects. I think about knitting way to much. It is totally relaxing. I happened upon this website looking for advice on different cast on’s and now I’m part of the community!!! I’m so excited!! My current quest is for a “cool” cardigan for my 9y/o 4th grader grand daughter. Thank you for establishing such a wonderful forum for those of us who love to knit.

Welcome Perlswirl! Isn’t it just too fun here? Make sure you check out the chat room sometime too, it’s fun to hear the banter and share all sorts of knitting stuff. We ALL understand thinking about knitting “too much”…but we all accept that as part of our daily life. :slight_smile: