Adorable Baby Knitting

My cousin’s wife just had a baby and they went and had a photoshoot done with her, and the first thing I noticed (after how cute the baby is) is the gorgeous little hats and blankets that she is in. I had to come show you all, I HAVE to learn to make these!

ps. please delete my thread with these photos attatched in the off topic lounge, I meant to post it here

Cute! A couple of them are crocheted I think. You can find similar patterns on Ravelry though.

Oh I just love babies! :inlove:

All of the outfits are precious, but the little teal pixie hat is to die for!

Congratulations to your cousin & his wife on their beautiful daughter. Is this the baby you knitted the blanket for?

Oh, my, baby and hats are perfect! I love them all. Congrats to the happy parents. What great inspiration.

How sweet! :heart: Congratulations all around. Baby is beautiful.

Thanks! Yes this is the baby the blanket is for…which one is crochet? How can ya tell? I’d love to make some of these so they could put her in them whenever they wanted. Do you know if they are difficult to make?

Lucky girl to have your blanket! The Elephant and the pink love bug(?) set beneath it are crocheted. Most crochet stitches, except for single crochet (looks like a knit & purl at the same time), to me look like tree trunks standing up in the stitch beneath it. I’ll wager these hats are crocheted in the round using single crochet(elephant nose) and half double for head, and either double or triple crochet(pink hat). Once the basic stitches are learned, these should be relatively quick and easy projects.

I stand corrected on the pink hat, the 2 strands made the stitches look like doubles when they’re not. :eyes:

What darling outfits! And whoever took the photos did a beautiful job. It reminds me of the Anne Geddes baby photos!

I believe the two on the upper left are crochet…the elephant and pink one… ladybug maybe?

Here’s a cute, free, pixie hat.