Adjusting Sweater Sizes?

I’ve picked the pattern for the first non-square item I’ve ever made but the largest size is too small on the bust by a couple inches. Can I add more stitches to make it wider so long as I don’t cut a repeat pattern short?

Is it a top down or seamed sweater? Do you have a link to the pattern? It helps when asking questions since the answer can vary depending on the pattern.

It’s a bottom-up seamed knitted tee and I can’t link because it’s a printed pattern I found in the current issue of Knitter’s magazine, patter name: Asterisk. It’s an all over stockinette stitch with an eyelet pattern for a touch of embroidery at the bottom.

Well, even a picture of it can help. Here’s one at Ravelry, and at the Knitter’s site. One way to enlarge it a bit is to use larger needles, like an 8 instead of a 7. You can use the bigger needle just in the bust area itself rather than everywhere.

Okay, yeah…that’s seamed. You’re going to need to swatch. Try the next needle size as Sue suggested then measure your gauge. If you do add stitches you’ll need to adjust the sleeve size and possibly the neck.

OK thanks, I’ll try several swatches before casting on any of the pieces. I’m sure I’ll be back with another dumb question before I’m finished with it, but thanks for answering this one.

You can also cast on for a sleeve and let that be your swatch. Hopefully the pattern has a schematic that shows sizes too. If you use a larger needle and the largest size of the pattern, you may not have to change any stitch numbers, the shaping for the sleeves and neck should be proportional.