Adjusting size for a baby hat

I´d like to make this hat:

for a friend to go along with a sweater I made in 18 month size. Can anyone suggest how I would adjust the amount of cast on stitches to do that? :??


Either use a size 8 or 9 needle, or CO 72 sts. Make it about 6-7 inches long before the decreases.

Thanks, as always, Sue!!! You always come to my rescue - you da best!!! :thumbsup:



You do realize, that you need to divide the 72 sts by your sts/inch to make sure what measurement that comes out at…?

ummm… what?

Do you mean to divide the 72 by the number of stitches to make sure it´s a larger circumference than as the pattern is written now?



Yes, to make sure it’s going to be the right size.

Okie dokie - thanks! :thumbsup: