Adjusting pattern

I want to knit a blanket. It’s a pattern I’ve used before but I’d like to use up some old Bernat Solo yarn I’ve got stashed.

The pattern called for Red Heart Super Saver along with Red Heart Symphony, which was a worsted weight along with a strand of mohair-type yarn. The Bernat Solo is considered super-bulky.

Of course, I haven’t done a swatch yet, but think I may be able to get by with fewer stitches cast on due to the bulk of the yarn.

That is the pattern - am I correct in thinking that the way to adjust it is to make sure I cast on a multiple of 21 stitches plus 2?

Both strands of the Red Heart are held together to give the pattern gauge, 11sts/4". So the Solo is a bit [I]thinner[/I] by the ballband gauge of 12sts/4". See what gauge you get with your needles and the Solo.
If you decide to change the pattern, the multiple is 14+9. It may not be critical since this is pretty much a basketweave pattern. It’s a very nice looking pattern and should work up fairly quickly.