Adjusting pattern for larger needle/wool

Hi every one…my first post here, but have been reading for a while…:yay:

I have a pattern for a winter hat for my kids. The pattern calls for size 2-3 needles and corresponding yarn. I made the hat and it is great but a little too thin for our winters. This year I want to make the hat in thicker wool, worsted and size 6/7/8 needles. How do i go about adjusting the pattern? Is there some sort of universal formula for this?

Thanks a bunch


I think with this pattern you could use half the number of stitches with worsted and size 8 needles. Try a sample to see how many sts per inch you need and compare it to the pattern’s sts’ per inch and the number of inches it comes out to.

This is a great hat formula for any weight yarn or size needle.

This book also gives you a handy pattern that lets you choose the number of stitches per inch and the size you’re knitting and gives you how many to cast on, how much to decrease, etc. A great all-purpose hat pattern.