Adjusting Lanesboro Vest for 6'2" Daughter

Okay, I’ve changed my mind. Instead of the twist front sweater, I found a gorgeous vest from Blue Sky Alpacas, “Lanesboro Vest”, that is made with bulky yarn, on size 17, 32" circular needles. Do I just add a row or two above the armhole and a couple of rows below the armhole? I know I’m in over my head, but this is so pretty I know she would love it. Advice will be most appreciated!
P. S. She lives 3 hrs away, so I can’t try it on her as I go along.
Thanks for your help,
LillyPatch. :heart:

That is cute! The pattern will give you either a set number of rows or a length to knit after the armholes. There’s no shaping to worry about so all you’d need to do is add rows based on your row gauge to get the length you want. So if you’re knitting at 4 rows to the inch on the top part, just add four more rows below the armholes than what is called for to get another inch of length.

I wouldn’t add any to the yoke (e.g. before the armholes) since that would possibly move things toward baggy. (If she’s always complaining about the armholes in store-bought clothes being too tight, then I’d consider it.)

If you can get her to measure herself (or a piece of clothing likely better) to give you the length from her armpit to her waist, you’ll have an idea of how long you need it there.