Adjusting gauge without changing needle size

…I’m knitting the sock pattern provided by Lion Brand on the back of their label for sock yarn. Nice yarn, by the way. It’s the Brown and Blue Pattern 205.

The sock is huge on me. But then, I wear AAA shoe and have an almost flat instep.

I hope this superwash wool will shrink a bit! If not, hubby can have them.

My question is about adjusting the gauge.

My # of stitches-per-inch is spot-on.

My # of rows per inch. Well it’s too big. I have 10 rows/inch where I should have 12.

I realize it will make the sock LONGER (not wider).

[size=6]How can I adjust one part of the gauge without affecting the other??[/size]

Size 3 dpns on that lovely patterned wool/nylon.


I think that, other that the part where you turn the heel, a sock pattern can be fairly adjustable…you can add more or fewer rows to make the sock longer or shorter in the cuff or the foot.

so that’s it? just make it the length I need and forget about knitting X # of rows for the foot length?

ha-ha! :rofling: I thought there’d be some sophisticated method. sorry - just couldn’t see the dang forest for all those trees!

I must be exhausted!

thank you KK. I probably ought to go to bed now. :happydance:


If your foot is narrow, I suggest using size 2 dpns anyway, regardless of what’s suggested. I like my socks to be snug, so I always knit on 2s with sock yarn and I have wide feet. 2s would probably be just right for you.

As far as the length, just start the toe decreases when the sock measures two inches less (from heel to needles) than the length of your foot from heel to toe.

thank you Silver - I did not know where to start measuring - the pattern did not say - just said “7 inches”. Live and learn. thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience.

I’ll have to try the results using size 2 dpns with this yarn. I like the yarn the price is right and it’s readily available at local Hancock Fabrics.

I guess the next pair I make will have to be done using my own foot’s measurements.