Adjusting garment pattern to get a different size?

Hi All, I found a pattern for my first garment that I would really like to try. I needed to find something that had a video tutorial, as those work best for me when learning something new. I know there’s a lot of sweater videos out there, but I don’t wear sweaters much and I want to make something I would use more. I had a lot of trouble finding a detailed tutorial for a short or 3/4 sleeve top I liked, but found this one:

Trouble is that the pattern is for a size 6, and I am an XS. I can’t find anything about how many stitches to cast on for different sizes. Any thoughts?

Thanks VERY much!

Very pretty! With a detailed pattern like that you’d have to figure out how many pattern repeats and your gauge to resize it. It would pretty much just have to be rewritten because none of the stitch counts would remain the same.

One thing you can try is to just use a lighter weight yarn and smaller needles. No guarantee, but it will be smaller. If you are a tight knitter it may be fine the way it is.

thanks, adjusting the number of repeats is what I thought of- wouldn’t that be fairly easy as long as I knew how many to take off? I just don’t know how many repeats would result in the correct size (or at least getting me in the range of the correct size)

Have you made a gauge swatch that Jan suggested yet? That’ll help you figure out if you’re getting the same tension as the pattern and also how many pattern repeats or leaves per inch. Then you’ll be able to tell how many repeats to delete to resize the pattern…